At Nantucket Lighthouse School we seek to nurture in each child the power to create a personally meaningful life, one that is a continual process of discovery and joy. We regard childhood as a magical and determining moment in life, when curiosity and wonder illuminate experience.

We are committed to the education of the whole child, concerning ourselves equally with ethical and intellectual development.  We believe in the human urge to grow and to learn, and we respect the individual nature and rhythm of each child’s path.  We seek to preserve the vital connections in a child’s thinking, feeling and willing, thus allowing a world of vibrant thought to unfold. 

We consider a child’s relationship to self, others and the world to be fundamental to his emotional maturation.  Thus, we are committed to cultivating those qualities of a child’s humanity – compassion, kindness, love, and consideration – that inspire an inner joy, and a feeling of responsibility toward the world.