Lighthouse School alumni include middle school, high school and college students. Some continue their secondary education here on island, others attend off-island boarding schools. Our graduates are our best and most valuable spokespeople. Read what they have to say about their experiences at Lighthouse School.

From Our Alumni

I remember starting sixth grade after graduating from Lighthouse three months earlier. Having never gone to school anywhere else, I had numerous and mixed feelings about my place in these new surroundings. Out of all these emotions there was only one thing that made me nervous. I was afraid that I would be behind academically.

I didn't feel like I had learned the math and the grammar, history, science, etc. that everyone else was learning at my age. All I remembered was writing stories in my journal, drawing, knitting, building with Legos, being in plays, reading, going on field trips etc. What I was surprised to find in my first few weeks of sixth grade was that I was not behind at all. Somewhere within what I remembered doing at Lighthouse, I had learned all those things one assumes an eleven-year-old would know. This is a real testament to the way in which this school encourages its students to learn, and I know that I am better for having been there.

Zeb Bennett– The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art established 1859.

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